Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Pipped to the post for NORAS award

The awards were good fun last week, but unfortunately we didnt win. I have a statement from our boss which i'd like to share with you! Any comments? Do you think we should have taken the trophy? Better luck next year ..

"As finalists for Best Specialist Jobsite, myself and the team at CareersinRecruitment and SimplySalesJobs couldn’t be happier. SimplySalesJobs is about to celebrate its 5th anniversary and CareersinRecruitment its 10th! It is good to see that all the hard work and efforts put in by the whole team – from Sales to Development and through to Marketing – is being recognised by the industry. Ok, we didn’t win on the night and we all put on our best game face but to be honest I am proud of being nominated and know we have a top class winning team on board. Simply Online has some exciting new technology being launched across all 13 of our boards in the coming months, we have recently employed some key industry people and have doubled our web development team – we mean business and next year we hope for a win!

Online Recruitment in the UK is currently one of the most exciting, thriving industries to work within and I am delighted to be part of it. There are constant innovations to keep everyone on their toes, being on top of industry trends and learning something new each day is key to moving forward and meeting your clients online recruitment needs. We all know how important getting a ROI from your advertising is, but in this climate it is absolutely essential. For our clients we want to help them recruit the best talent at a cost-effective price."

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Highest Unemployment Figures Since 1998

It’s all over the news today so we could go without acknowledging these latest figures due out today which are expected to show that unemployment has hit 1.8 million. People claiming Job-Seekers allowance are said to be around 1million. Yesterday it was reported that across the country 5000 jobs were being cut from some key industry players;

- Virgin Media are to axe around 2,200 jobs by 2012 under a sweeping restructure
- Yellow Pages directories firm Yell said it expected to shed another 1,300 jobs over the coming year.
- Psion announced more than 200 job cuts
- GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) plan to close a factory with the loss of 620 jobs

Yahoo! News reported that “experts are now warning that unemployment could soar to 2.7 million by next year - the highest figure for more than a decade.”

It is worrying when you read these stories and I personally know quite a few people that have been made redundant or face the threat of redundancies. All we can say is keep smiling and do your best to keep your job – read our article ‘How to Keep Your Job in the Credit Crunch’

If you do loose your job then please visit Careers in Recruitment for the latest jobs in Recruitment.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Presenteeism on the Rise, Stay at HOME if your are ILL!

Sickness itself seems to have been effected by the credit crunch. 'Presenteeism', coming to work when you are ill, has been rising since the onset of the current economic downturn. Workers feel that they should be seen to be going the extra mile and coming into work when you are ill showing your commitment to the role and the company.

The problem is that coming in to work when you are ill can have repercussions for both the ill employee and the rest of the workforce. You could make yourself worse resulting in a long period of time off and also you could infect other members of the work force, something your boss will not be pleased with!

So our advice - you really stay at home when you are not well. This article sums it up nicely.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Recruitment Job with a different aroma!

Recruitment Manager, Bristol, £15-20,000
Coffee #1 are looking for a Part-time Retail Recruitment Manager whose role is to ensure that all staffing requirements are met and organised across 4 coffee bars in Bristol. Your responsibilities will be the following:
- Telephone screen and interview candidates
- Follow the recruitment process from start to finish
- Carry out effective succession planning
- Keep general administration up to date
- Proactively work with Area Manager to progress employees within the company
For more details on this post and to apply please visit CareersinRecruitment/RecruitmentManager
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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

You just wouldnt would you!?

'Kyle Doyle is not going to work ... I'm still trashed. SICKIE WOO!'.

That is what the 21 year old call centre employee wrote as his status update on facebook! What a plonker, people just dont learn do they. Remember our thread about Crystal Palace footie player announcing that he was going for a trial at a rival club, 'I facebooked my Transfer'?

Kyle is currently facing an internal investigation after he called in sick for work then updated his Facebook status bar as above. Doyles boss was his friend on facebook and read the incriminating evidence.

According to Yahoo News "The case highlights the increasing use of social networking sites by management. Interviewers and head hunters are checking out user profiles of applicants, and managers are using them to keep updated on employees."

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

SALARY NEGOTIATIONS, Asking for a Pay Rise in the current Economic Climate

In this current economic climate is it career suicide to ask for a pay rise?

Imagine the scene – you’ve worked with the same company for a good few years and over the last 2 years you’ve had diddly squat by way of a pay increase, not even the cost of living. With margins being squeezed from all sides how the hell do you ask for a pay rise? When it comes to asking for a pay rise, even the most confident people can suffer a crisis in confidence.

Can you see your boss saying ‘I’m sorry, but the business just isn’t in a position to increase your salary”. Gutted ! All that tension, those sleepless nights lost in a moment as you haven’t prepared your case. Think of the conversation like a job interview, you need to sell yourself to your boss all over again. makes a very good point on their website and mention how it is important to recognise the difference between the value of the role that you perform and your value as an individual. The two are not the same. A maximum salary level is probably allocated to your role, you may already be earning this, and no matter what you do you’ll never get paid any more {aside from cost of living}. Your ‘potential earnings’ could be much higher but you will never achieve this by staying in the same position.

We are all aware that salary levels are largely dictated by market forces and the contribution that you, the employee, make to company performance. In this uncertain market I would advise that you focus on developing your value to the employer if you want to negotiate a pay rise.

Here are my top 5 tips to help you with your salary negotiations;

Prove your worth - show how the work you’ve done in the last year has had a positive impact on the company. Justify why you deserve a bigger pay rise – has your job grown with additional responsibilities, do you have a larger team to manage? If your role carries the ability to make a financial difference you need to highlight the costs saved or extra profit or revenue achieved from your efforts.

Research what other jobs are out there - do they pay more or less than you’re currently paid? Show examples of jobs that are similar to yours but pay more. It is important to remember that salary ranges advertised by recruitment consultancies can often be inflated to attract more candidates so be sure to check other sources available to you – from salary surveys to jobs advertised on employer websites.

Look at the company’s profits - if it’s been a bumper year, with senior managers receiving hefty bonuses, argue that you deserve a share of the profits too. Check out shareholder activity - are they getting healthy handouts? If they are, then you can also argue that you should.

Refer to any qualifications earned since your last rise that your employer may not be aware that you possess - employee qualifications often increase the competitive strength and/or customer accreditations of a supplier organization.

Take a risk and suggest that firms who pay more than market average tend to secure the services and loyalty of the best people available.

It is important to keep positive and constructive, don’t be greedy, aggressive, over-emotional or ‘wishy washy’ in your request. You need to consider many external factors which may affect your salary negotiation including the rate of inflation {which surged to 5.2% last month} and the actual budget your firm has for pay rises.

The most important thing to remember is that your employer will only ever give you a pay rise if there is a clear, commercial reason to do so

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Cant for the life of me remember where I got these from. Wanted to share them with you. I am sure you have some of your own - so please comment!

We remain competitive by paying less than our competitors.

Work 55 hours; get paid for 37.5.

Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want you to do.

You whine, you're fired.

You're walking into a company in perpetual chaos.